Day care for elderly people

By organizing the day care at our Bekes premise (for those who are over 18 years old, who are in need of social and mental help because of their old age or their poor health status, who are only partially able to take care for themselves) we offer the opportunity to our customers to stay for the day, to have relationship with other elderly people and to fulfill their basic hygienic needs.

Our tasks and services:

  • providing the means for personal hygiene, lavatory, ironing, sewing;
  • organized free-time activities (newspapers, books, card- and board games, mass communication tools);
  • the organization of health care and to facilitate access to specialized care according to the needs;
  • lifestyle advisory, lifestyle assistance – with the help of specialists and counselors if needed;
  • help in official affairs;
  • in case of need we help to get access to other basic services (eg.: home assistance);
  • we offer opportunity to our customers to have their warm lunch (either transported from the social catering or brought by the customer) together – with the caretakers – at the table of our dining room in a comfortable environment.